Atma Yoga Teacher Training


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 Here are 3 reasons why Atma Yoga Teacher Training is so effective:
  • You will learn how to Apply the most transformative Ancient Yogic practices in today's Modern context
  • Experience powerful techniques that remove mental and emotional obstacles to becoming an amazing teacher
  • Develop the skills to stand up in front of any audience and be a Charismatic presenter and instantly develop a loyal following of clients.

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Here's what students said about the Training from around the World

This is a great program with important ramifications for the future.
- Devamrita Swami, New York

Dear Atmananda, thank you very much for giving us your heart and loving care. Thank you, as well for your selfless service, dedication, enthusiasm, and inspiration. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for being yourself, "an American in Europe." Thank you for all your support.
Rijeka, Croatia

Thank you for your inspiring association. I really appreciated your seminar and your service. That was
one of the highlights of my summer. I wish I could spend more time with you in the future.
-  Bhakti Vijnana Goswami
Moscow, Russia

I think your training program was systematic and well-organized, and I really liked the way you teach and present bhakti-yoga, it's very scientific and universal.
- Anuragi D.D.
Budapest, Hungary

Thank you for giving us so much valuable knowledge.
I will integrate these teachings into my daily life. Your humble attitude and strong spiritual
values will be constantly leading me toward success.
- Li-Jun
Taichung, Taiwan

Thanks for your hard work in teaching us to be yoga instructors.
We will follow your teachings and keep the spirit of Bhakti throughout our lives.
- Lin Quo-Jong
Taipei, Taiwan

Thank you for sharing with us the system of Atma Yoga for the purification and transformation of not only ourselves but the whole universe!  Your broad vision of spiritual uplifting is a great inspiration. Personally I've found this time and these teachings to be of wonderful value for looking where we fear the most - inside.
- Gaura Arati Dasi
Wellington, New Zealand

I never thought I'd ever be a yoga teacher but you gave me the
confidence and strength to pull it off. You rock! 
- Bharat
Sydney, Australia

The Vedic philosophy and psychology we have been learning has blown my mind away and elevated what’s left of me to a new level of consciousness and awareness. –
Chris, Atlanta, GA

You have given everybody such a powerful insight into the true yogic spiritual world. I am ever grateful and honored to have been part of this adventure course!
– Lydia
Swansea, WALES

I am forever indebted to you for truly opening my eyes and making me ‘feel’.
– Ananta

"I totally loved the yoga with Atma. My body was very happy for the first time
in a long time. I am into sound healing and I learned something important,
that I was not aware of, that I can use in my practice."
- Cindi Hoff
Greensboro, North Carolina

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Atma yoga Teacher Training is an
exquisite journey that AWAKENS

 your capacity to become an

Strongly Intuitive

Yoga Teacher.

This training is wonderfully personal and
  will powerfully Transform you like it did
for our students in this video.

Atma yoga Teacher Training will leave
you with an
SERVE and CONNECT with your students

Training with us will put you at the vanguard of teaching Standards in
the future.

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